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Eddie Tate

Eddy Tate

Eddie Received a BET degree in electronics from Mississippi State University in 1973.  After graduation he started his career with Westinghouse Electric as an engineer in charge of an electronics laboratory servicing the southeastern USA.  While with Westinghouse, Eddie became grounded in the broad field of industrial electronic controls.

He also learned to apply principles of customer service he learned from his father who was in outside sales.

An entrepreneur at heart Eddie started Thyritronics, Inc. in 1979 to service Industrial controls.  A close association with several Neta companies lead him to change Thyritronics to exclusively repairing and calibrating trip units for circuit breakers.  Specializing in a narrow field of repair has allowed Thyritronics to provide unsurpassed quality and timely repairs since 1981.

Damian Hobson

Damian began his electrical career because of a fascination with electronics and the hobby of automotive restoration.  He completed his AET degree from Hinds Community College.  That same year, because of a high recommendation from his college teachers, he was hired by Thyritronics, as a board level repair technician.  Damian has worked for Thyritronics since 1997.  His professionalism, keen attention to quality and detail, lead to him becoming Shop Manager in 2006.

 In this position he has made customer satisfaction and fast service his main goals.  He is presently working to develop new product lines for the company.
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