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Guidelines for Safe Shipment

Please use this guide to ship items properly

 ThyritronicsThis guide will ensure your equipment will not be delayed and can be processed in a timely manner.
  • Use a brand new corrugated box with flaps.
    If you must use an old box, remove labels or other shipment markings from the box and make sure the box is still sturdy. Double walled boxes are significantly stronger than single walled ones.
  • Provide internal protection by wrapping items separately and using adequate cushioning material.
    Instapak foam in place systems work the best. Foam and bubble wrap packing materials are the next best materials. Provide at least 3-5 inches of packing materials on all sides of the items. The heavier the items, the more cushioning you will need along with a stronger box.
  • Use properly sized boxes and pack them as full as possible.
    The less space in the box, the less room for the contents to shift around and less risk of damage. Packing materials such as newspaper and peanuts tend to compact and cause items to shift and should be only used for items weighing less than 15 lbs.
  • Seal boxes securely, using strong tape designed for shipping (not masking or cellophane tape).
    Do not use string or paper over wrap, which can potentially catch in package sorting equipment.
  • Use proper labeling.
    Use a single address label or packing slip that has clear, complete delivery and return addresses on the front. Placing a duplicate address label inside also is recommended in case the outer label becomes illegible.  Fragile and special instruction stickers help package handlers from abusing the box as well.
  • The best protection for your package is proper packing, labeling and insurance.
    However, it is also important to note that shipping companies will not honor damage claims resulting from improper or insufficient packing.
  • Shipping damage is rarely covered by insurance unless the package is well packed.


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