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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I send my equipment in for service?

Whether you send your item in for repair, calibration or modification, we treat each unit with individual care and concern. Our process involves a seven step quality service cycle that immediately begins when your unit is delivered to our location and continues until it reaches the customer.

How do you provide such fast turnaround times?

Thyritronics handles both repair and calibrations in-house, eliminating costly time delays. This keeps costs down and helps get your equipment back into your hands as soon as possible.

How long will it take to fix my equipment?

Equipment repair time is based on a variety of factors; workload, parts availability, and repair complexity. Generally speaking our service turn around times average 11-14 days. It is important to keep in mind that turnaround time is inclusive of the time it takes to get your unit evaluated and the time it takes to repair it from when it was approved.

Because trip units are critical to providing power, we regularly receive units by air shipping for 1-3 days turnaround.  We repair air rush units first.  This of course can push non-rush items to longer repair times.  A call to notify us of your immediate need moves ground shipped units to the front of the line.  We work hard to provide the service you need when you need it!

Where do I ship my equipment for repair and what do you need from me?

All Equipment should be sent to our Primary address at:
Thyritronics Inc.
175 Ridgeland Plaza
Ridgeland, MS 39157

It is very important that you include with your shipment why the unit was taken out of service and how exactly it was tested.  Were you testing at 200%, 300%; was the problem intermittent?  Please include a packing slip with your company name and contact information.  We recommend that you review our "Safe Shipping" guidelines.


What type of equipment do you repair?

We repair and calibrate all major manufacturers solid state circuit breaker trip units from the late 1960’s to present. 

Some examples are:

•  GENERAL ELECTRIC  -  PS1-A Power Sensor & Power Supply, SST & ECS Trip unit, VersaTrip, SelecTrip, THP & TGSR Ground Fault relays, Firepump, T4VTG, MicroVersaTrip, MVT, RMS-9, EPIC, MVT Plus, MVT PM, Spectra, Power Plus, ProTrip, WavePro, Static Time Delay, TAK-TS1 & TAK-TS2, TVTS1, TVRMS, TVRMS2 Testsets, & Entelliguard & PLPS4G01 Power Supply.

•  WESTINGHOUSE & CUTLER-HAMMER  -  SCB, SPCB (Beaver Box), Amptector, Pow-R Trip 7, Digitrip, DS Tester, Amptector, Digitrip & Seltronics Testsets.

•  ITE, BBC, & ABB  -  Red & Grey case SS Power Shield, LSS, MPS, MICRO Power Shield, MPS-C, MPS-C 2000, 504 & Power Shield Testsets.

•  SIEMENS & ALLIS CHALMERS  -  Static Trip I, II, & III, LimiTrip, SB Type TL, & PTS-3 & PTS-4 Testsets.

•  SQUARE D  -  Micrologic Series B, Merlin Gerin STR28, STR38, STR58U, ST206D, ST316ST & UTS-3 TestSets.


•  SYLVANIA  -  RX-2

•  MULTILIN SR RELAYS - SR735, SR750, SR269, SR369, SR469, SR489 & Similar

•  CIRCUIT SHIELD RELAYS - 49/50/51, 46D/H, 47D/H, 27/59, 87T & Similar

Because we specialize in trip units and the test equipment used to test them, we are the experts in the field.  Please call about anything you do not see listed.

Does Thyritronics repair test sets for trip units?

We do repair many of the trip unit field test sets.  Please call about your specific set at 601-856-9798.

How much does it cost to have my equipment evaluated for repair?

Most competitors range from $150 - $400 to look at your equipment.  We do not think that is fair.  When you send your equipment to us for repair you pay nothing (except the shipping cost).  Not one red cent.  All evaluations are free of charge, period!

What warranty do you provide?

At Thyritronics we realize the importance of doing things right the first time.  We understand returning a unit causes loss of valuable time, shipping expense and confidence.  Because of this we perform extensive performance evaluation before and after the repair.  Thyritronics warrants all work for one year.  Units may require updating, modifying or improving during repair to equal or exceed manufacturer's specifications as furnished by our solid state test report.  Should we determine the problem is not repairable a full refund will be granted with our apologies.  Complete customer satisfaction is our goal.

Does Thyritronics carry liability insurance?

We carry $1,000,000 completed operations, $1,000,000 general aggregate and $50,000 personal injury coverage.


Contact Information: Telephone 601-856-9798 cell 769-231-2584
Address: 175 Ridgeland Plaza, Ridgeland MS 39157

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